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Finding Your Niche in the Online Amazonian Jungle

The speedy growth of Amazon Marketing has improved access to demographics that weren’t previously explored. This deep penetration has helped many organizations across domains leverage untapped markets.

LEIS will provide the service of advising on various tactics that will not only suit your needs but also provide a structure for continued productive results.

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Amazon Marketing Services to Boost Your Product Sales

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Banner Ads

Banner ads or headline search ads are similar to buying keywords with Google Ads. This helps drive visibility for your products and their reviews that will ultimately help the business. Amazon also helps with analytics to understand user needs and invest in better ROI.

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Pricing Strategy

The right pricing strategy will ensure that all the variables that influence a product’s visibility are audited efficiently. By comparing your prices with Amazon’s fee and your competitors’ prices, LEIS can determine whether your prices are right or not.

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Brand Registry

To register a brand on Amazon you must have a trademark. LEIS can help you apply for your trademark which will give more control over your product listings.

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Keyword Management

For crucial campaigns such as sponsored product promotions, keywords form the backbone. Our Amazon Marketing Services take care of keywords management to make sure you spend less on ads and related products are also suitably targeted.

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Amazon SEO

Traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works well on Google and other search engines as the user is only browsing with a general idea. But Amazon digital marketing (SEO) is more specific as it is closer to a sale. LEIS evaluates factors specific to the platform and determines the factors that will help customers find your products.

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Amazon Analytics

Similar to Google Analytics, Amazon’s analytics helps find specific areas where the present model can be tweaked as per your business needs. This includes reviewing historical performance data, sponsored product campaign structure, or getting your brand accepted into Amazon’s Brand Registry program.

Kick Start Your Amazon business with amazon digital marketing services.

It is evident how ubiquitous Amazon has become, especially when it comes to the search for comfort goods. By not being searchable on Amazon, businesses are exposing themselves to the risk of losing visibility and spending unnecessary budget on extra resources for customer engagement.

Why We Are The Leading Amazon Marketing Agency?

We are Result-Oriented

Shopping Campaign

The shopping season is the time to find and keep customers. The Amazon marketing services we offer at LEIS is based on our extensive understanding of campaign architecture and bidding strategies to help brands find their niche.

We Believe To Move In Sync With The Industry Trends

Video Advertising

LEIS cost-effective video advertising will bring life to your products and services through the virtual world of streaming websites such as YouTube.

 We Consider Our Expert Team Our Strength

Amazon Listing Optimization

A core part of LEIS’ Amazon marketing services is the optimization of product listings which will boost your rankings and sales. This will ensure you are reaching your maximum ROI from the get-go.

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As an Amazon digital marketing agency committed to integrity, our no hidden cost policy and customer-centric attitude will assure you that our amazon marketing services will make your product number one on Amazon listings.

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