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Everyone wants their business website to look appealing, but it’s also crucial to design sites that focus on users’ needs rather than just creating a graphically elegant piece that fails to convert.

Your business website is your brand’s touchpoint. It’s really vital for conversion. You hardly get a few milliseconds to impress your potential clients through a fast-loading, attractive, and smooth website design. When you run a business in a competitive space such as New York City, you cannot afford any sort of damage to your brand.

But how can you impress the audience today? How can you create an outstanding web design in NYC? It’s impossible to meet the audience’s expectations in milliseconds unless you have the best web design agency in NYC working for you.

Unique And Detailed Design Strategy

At Leading Edge Info Solutions, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. That’s why we devise a unique and detailed design strategy for every business based on the following process:

Identifying Your Brand

Identifying Your Brand

Every business, every brand, has different needs, objectives, and sales goals. Our team of veteran designers collaborates with you to discuss how a website will impact your business goals. We then develop a timeline and project plan after deciding mutually.


Our next step involves extensive research to know more about your competitors, audiences, industry, etc. Our top web design company New York also interacts with the internal stakeholders to tailor a design strategy as per your business.


We never start designing your website elements without laying out a wireframe and a sitemap. It further helps us define the functionalities, key features, and structure of the new website. With most information shared, we can now move onto the content elements in the design.
content strategy

Content Strategy

Here, we collaborate with our content team to determine what necessary and valuable content can make your website design more impactful. We believe that content plays a vital role in the designing process. We curate our designs based on the content to be placed on the design and website.


We then provide our clients with attractive, meaningful, customer-oriented, brand-oriented web design in New York, where your clients can easily navigate, find answers, and browse quickly. Anyone can whip up a website when it comes to technically optimized designs that can represent or reimagine your brand, but we are second to none.

Benefits of Working With Top-Rated Web Design Company NYC


Set the Best First Impression

In the business landscape, the first impression defines several things about your business. When someone visits your website online, they judge you within seconds. You need to leave a strong and positive impression on your potential clients. Our team of creative minds ensures that your website is not outdated or unappealing or contains any flaws in the design that may leave a negative impact on certain people. A good website design company NYC can help people learn more about your business, whereas if your audience perceives your brand negatively, your leads can turn to a competitor.


An Aid to Your SEO Strategy

With expertise in digital marketing solutions, LEIS understands how web design elements can play a vital role in how search engines crawl while indexing your website. You cannot afford to upset search engines by not paying attention to on-page SEO fundamentals. We create designs that help you stay ahead in the uphill battle for search engine visibility. Apart from how content is displayed on a web page, several design elements that you may not be familiar with. But to ensure your web design supports search engine algorithm, partner up with a top-rated “web design agency NYC” – Leading Edge Info Solutions.


Build Trust with Your Audience

No one likes outdated or poorly designed websites since it is about trusting a new business, and anything shady or seedy can lose you a potential customer. For instance, if someone wants to place a bulk order with a manufacturing company, conveying trust through your website design is essential to win their order. Visitors only remain on your website when you build trust with them. Otherwise, your bounce rate will be high, and the retention rate will not be worth discussing.


A Glimpse of Customer Service

Consider your website a customer service representative. How would you want it to be with new or existing customers? Inviting? Bright? Modern? How about making your visitors feel more welcome? We can curate a website design that will be open and welcoming to every new visitor on your website. Your website works as a digital face for your business. How would you like to go into a brick-and-mortar store that does not feel friendly at all? An outdated website gives a similar feeling. Design a friendly face to greet your potential clients and increase your conversion rate.


Beat Your Competitors

One of the best reasons to invest in the best online web design agency New York City is to stand out from the crowd. To your surprise, your competitors are already utilizing web design solutions, whereas your outdated or low-quality website is lagging behind. We can provide you with that edge over your competitors, with a more engaging, appealing, and unique website design. The same fonts, layouts, and styles, across every website page, allow us to follow a colour aesthetic that can reflect your brand.

How To Design a Website Layout?

LEIS understands that designing a quick and attractive website is the key to online success. That’s why we believe in designing layouts that convert. Conversion-oriented layouts are not just “easy-to-use” or “pretty”. Walkthrough a simple 3-step process of designing a good website layout.

01 Think Through Users’ Perspective

When you start researching how to design or structure your homepage, just stay focused on the first impression of your potential customers. It is an integral part of approaching a new design since providing an excellent user experience starts from knowing target users’ expectations.

A website with a lack of great user experience pays less attention to accessibility and thus attracts very little traffic. Since SEO & UX go hand in hand, this step is to do in-depth research and discover everything that brands such as Slack, Uber, etc. are using to boost their websites.

Researching user needs can be a complex task but not when you are someone from the marketing industry. Once you figure out what your customers may want, move on to the information architecture or IA.

Information Architecture or IA is the process of organizing website data to make it more intuitive, clear, and sensitive. Just imagine that you landed on a website that is planned poorly and makes you press the close button in a matter of seconds. Good IA follows a hierarchy with the most important elements stacked above everything to keep the users engaged. It’s like building a skeleton for your ‘body’.

Navigation should be on your priority list while creating a layout for your website. We ensure that your users can find their way around your website by working on three major characteristics for good navigation:

  1. Clarity
  2. Consistency
  3. Simplicity

We ensure that users can get the desired information in the fewest clicks possible.


Setting the Right Visual Hierarchy 02


When you see a website designed to perfection by LEIS, you’ll know what’s the right visual hierarchy. Certain components should be placed in a sequential order to maximize the benefits of having a website. An attractive website layout design appeals to users and enables them to explore the entire website easily.

Give your users a clear visual hierarchy to not confuse them. Several design principles now play a major role in user experience (one of the primary search engine ranking factors), and a strong visual hierarchy is a vital part of UX.

Here’s how LEIS can help you set a robust visual hierarchy as per your target audience in New York City.

– Grids: We up our customization game using grids and provide users with a sense of order in the design. A grid enables us to connect different components of a website and present users with responsive designs.

– Designing as per Natural Scanning Patterns: Users scan your website in two reading patterns including F-shaped and Z-shaped. While F-shaped patterns force users to focus more on the left side of the screen, Z-shaped patterns are preferred more due to their downright approach to conversion.

Here’s how we design as per natural scanning patterns to guide visitors to important content first by:

  • Answering the most common user queries in the first two paragraphs.
  • Using headings and subheadings.
  • Highlighting important words and phrases through styling (Bold, Italic, Underlining, Using h3, h4, etc).
  • Frequently using ordered and unordered lists (bullet points) for better-organized information.
  • Create visual groups of the related information.

– Prioritizing Key Elements Visually: Our team works on 5 essential building blocks of website design to set an ideal visual hierarchy.

  • Size
  • Color
  • Layout
  • Spacing
  • Style

03 Focus on Conversion and Call-to-Actions

If you ask us, we believe that call to action buttons (CTAs) are the most important element on any webpage. Whatever effort you put through in streamlining your business site comes down to how easily a user can perform an action.

Our team of marketing experts unites with the designing team to strategically place CTAs throughout the website design. We ensure that CTAs are not awkwardly placed in-between content and are in sync with the design flow, guiding users towards conversion.

Here’s what we ensure while designing CTA buttons.

A Clickable Looking Button

Unlike other designers in New York City that tend to show creativity & use some whacky trend to ignore the functionality and clarity in a website. Rather than relying on ghost buttons, we ensure that users can easily determine clickability and discover a button with ideal visual cues including, but not limited to, shadows, highlights, and shapes

Labeling Buttons Clearly

If you just put “Learn More” on a button, it’s not going to push anyone to take action. It will hardly drive users to click. Rather, our approach stays transparent to the users since they should know exactly what will happen after clearing after clicking a button. One example that most of you have seen multiple times before is the Netflix subscription button

Font Pairing

By using fonts with different tones, different typefaces, and communicating visual hierarchy through perfect font pairing, our designing team consistently thrives in the designing industry. We keep swapping font after font until we get the look our clients want to achieve.


Essential Elements of Quality Website Design in NYC

Now that you know how our leading website design NYC company can help you with an innovative design let’s dive into some key web design elements we will incorporate into your website.

Solid Navigation

The attention span of humans is decreasing, courtesy of social apps such as Insta or TikTok. Users want quick access to useful and critical information. Implementing easy navigation throughout your website gives users quick access to information, and it helps maintain a low bounce rate. If your audience has to struggle to find something important, it’s because of poor navigation.

At Leading Edge Info Solutions, we ensure to keep visitors on our page through an easy-to-navigate website. Providing relevant information quickly to help visitors get what they need is also crucial for ranking on search engines.

Responsive Designs

We at LEIS like to move forward with the technology, and since the markets are flooded with a multitude of devices, your audience can reach you from anywhere. Perhaps half of them are on mobile devices, some use tablets, and some have their PCs on. If you want to convert all of them, you need to give them a positive experience.

With responsive designs from our leading web design company NYC, we ensure that all your website visitors at least have a positive experience, irrespective of what they are using. Responsive designs have the power to engage visitors. Websites are resized as per the user’s device, and it’s also an aid to SEO.

Purposeful Graphics

We understand that you believe visual elements beat text when it comes to website designing. While it is true to some extent since videos get 10 times more interaction than text, does that mean you can go overboard with graphics? Our veteran web designers ensure that all your graphical decoration does not feel cluttered or overwhelming.

We create a balance between text and images to use visual elements on purpose. We help you make more tactful decisions about your business website by detailing the importance of web design. To ensure nothing is overloaded and create a point of interest, we work closely with your business managers to build your dream site.

CTA (Call-to-Action)

We don’t stop at driving and engaging leads with an impeccable web design NYC, but ensure that your leads are converted easily through well-placed and designed call-to-action buttons.

An eye-catching CTA button can prompt a user to take action. We carefully choose the colour scheme of CTA buttons and place them on spots where they can drive the best results for your business.

LEIS Can Help You Create Your Dream Business Website in NYC

At Leading Edge Info Solutions, we ensure that the most crucial component of your business online marketing campaign is engaging and drives the best results. Our top-rated NYC website design agency specializes in custom website designs. A team of experts brings their knowledge and experience to help your business rule the industry. Whether you want to start a new website or redesign an existing one, our expertise with advanced tools blend in with creativity to deliver you incredible results.

Don’t just take our word for it. Explore our portfolio that attests to the appealing designs we make in New York City.

Looking forward to working with us? Discuss a new project now. Get in touch with our web designing team today.



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