Check Out The 13 SEO Tools Which Every Small Business Should Use!

Get ready to be successful with the SEO by using these tools which are a perfect fit for your website. One must know that it would be impossible to conduct keyword researches, track rankings, conversion trends, analyze competitors, identify the technical problems, implement effective content marketing, and strategies all without the proper tools. So, we are here to help you out with the SEO tools which are a must for the small enterprises to prosper.

Check out these tools and start working.

1. Google Analytics –  Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tool and is also known for the free website analysis which will help you report the marketing tactics carefully on your website and will report all the marketing tactics, leads, conversions, visitors and other things. It is a superior tool which helps the customers in analyzing the website better. 

2. Google Search Console – The Google Webmasters toll or the Search console lets the user set an account on it to get all the alerts regarding the errors on the website. With a considerable help from this tool, the users will be able to view the key stats like the keyword rankings, number of times your website showed up in the search results per keyword, number of clicks per keyword and the click rate that is showed up in the search results. It will help you out in unlocking more and more reporting tolls on the Analytics account. 

3. Google My Business – Every small business enterprise must maintain a Google My Business Account and a profile on it because it will help you in ranking your business higher and will also provide you with easy contact information, listings from other sites, contact information with Google map integration and many other things. It is a free tool that you can use anytime. 

4. Rank Ranger – Rank Ranger is the best in tracking out the keyword rankings, organic rankings of the website on the major search engines, local rankings and also helps in identifying the trends up and down in the rankings so that the users can adjust all the strategies as per the details. 

5. The Screaming Frog – Screaming Frog will help you in conducting a technical SEO audit for the website. For this, the user needs to get started by downloading it and typing out the website domain and clicking out on the box to the crawl all subdomains. With its help, the users will be able to view the detailed audit of all the webpages whether it is meta tags or the error status quotes or anything else. 

6. Moz Local – Moz Local takes care of the citations. The users will be able to catch out whether the information provided by them is consistent across all the directories like Yelp, Bing, Local or the facebook business pages. 

7. ImportXML – It is a formula available in the Google sheets which will help you in getting comfortable for pulling out any type of data into the Google sheet from various sources like like XML, HTML, CSV, TSV, and RSS feeds and is particularly used for the businesses who are trying to organize their SEO webpage data.

8.WhiteSpark – WhiteSpark tool will help you out in easily locating the citations which are relevant for the particular business type and will also provide you with the option to pay them and set up citations to save out all your time.

9. BrightLocal – BrightLocal is a citation building toll that is similar to the tool that will help you uncover millions of citation opportunities and you will have a better exposure to citations with it.  You can pay for them and create for yourself. 

10.Ahrefs –The tool gives you a full access to all the backlink tools and you can use this tool to first analyze the website and make sure that the backlinks are available for all the types of legitimate websites. 

11. Moz Open Site Explorer – This backlink tool whill help you in finding out the backlinks with the reasons that are behind usage of the multiple tools for the backlinks to obtain a better picture of the website. 

12. Raven Tools – This tool will enable you to create out an automated marketing report for social media, SEO and PPC where it will pull out all the data from most of the common tracking tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook, and Google AdWords &Twitter. The best part about this tool is that the users can schedule out the reports to be sent out weekly, monthly, quarterly which will ultimately help you in saving time and money.  

13. SEO Quake – This all in one toolbox appears in the form of a browser and helps the users in the evaluation of all the websites of the competitors with their own website. 

Try out these amazing SEO tools and leave your feedback via email at [email protected].

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