Digital Marketing Trends That You Can’t Ignore in 2021

2020 successfully upended how most businesses operate, thanks to COVID-19. We witnessed more services and products offered online, with many employees working remotely. While customer responses to this change were varying, we knew that the upcoming marketing trends would likely make the situation normal. 

Engaging and retaining customers might seem hard with all the businesses transitioning to the online environment. But latest and smart marketing trends have always helped businesses thrive, whether it’s offline or online. 

As soon as the year ended, we could get insight into the critical digital marketing trends of 2021. This infographic taps on all the digital marketing trends that shouldn’t be ignored this year. 

GMB for Local SEO

Local SEO has never been more important than now. When all the stores were locked, and all the organizations were facing crunch situations, businesses ranking on top of Google My Business local search results were directly receiving calls from their customers for desired products or services. Ever since Google has prioritized local results over everything else, local SEO has become an essential part of any business strategy.

Voice Search

According to the current Google reports, 27% of the existing online global population use voice search on mobile. Voice search came to existence in 2011, but it started leaving an impact on the search after introducing smart speakers. Now that everyone has Alexa or Assistant to assist people, it will not be surprising to see smartphone users engage with voice technology on a broader scale. 

No-Click Searches (Featured snippets)

Over the years, we have seen search engine algorithms changing to improve the quality of results delivered to the users. There were days when keyword stuffing was a thing and now are the days when Google offer enhanced search results called no-click searches or zero-click searches or featured snippets. As the name suggests, the users find an answer to their search query right in the results, allowing them to get their answers without opening any website or without “clicking” anywhere, as they say.

Visual Search 

There are times when you are short on a verbal description, and you can show a picture to describe best what you want to search. A good example would be looking for a fur jacket with camouflage print. It may give you thousands of results when typing your search query, but if you have a picture of someone, you can directly search to find other similar products available online. 

Online Reviews

Testimonials have always been one of the key things in online marketing, considering the trust-building it offers to online businesses. Reviews have always been a marketing trend for online stores but as 2020 ended, it became a necessity with so many new competitors opting for the world of internet. 

Automation in PPC Ads

Machine learning has made things easy for everyone, even marketers. AI and machine learning can help you manage your Google ad campaigns, so that you can focus in more important tasks. We know more than anyone- how hard it is to manage paid ads from multiple platforms. Google ads automation is the sixth digital marketing trend. 


As we step into the new year, these digital marketing trends can help small businesses establish a great online presence, quickly generate leads, and improve conversion. To know more about any of these strategies or to discuss your website marketing strategy, get in touch with LEIS.

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