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One of the biggest and most competitive industries in the world is education. Become a well-known institution and get recognition from the best education marketing agency, Leading Edge Info Solutions.

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SEO Services

More than 57% of students search for schools online

The data shows that over half of your target audiences will surf internet portals to look for schools they wish to attend. Are there any other better places for them to access you than having an active online presence?

As an ed tech marketing agency, a leading-edge info solution uses the most effective and custom-made digital solutions for all institutions. Our experts integrate experience, skills, and the latest trends in the digital and education world to help your institution reach higher ground.

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Why you need digital Marketing services for Educational Institute


Build a strong brand

When you have an active online presence with the right digital marketing industry for an educational institution, you can guarantee that your brand will grow and stand out among many others.


Improve ranking and visibility

Our Budget-friendly education marketing services help your business rank higher and become more visible in different search engines with the right strategies. Our prime objective is to offer scalable digital solutions that will work for your unique educational institutions.


Attract more parents and students

Parents and students want better education services, and they can go to many places just to get that. The internet and digital channels help you reach all the desperate parents and students looking for a brighter future.


Improve your service reach

Every educational institution needs to reach out to people nearby and those outside their location. Using the best marketing strategies and campaigns, reach where word of mouth or references can not reach.

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Education Marketing Services from LEIS

Leading Edge Info Solutions has been the #1 choice for all-scale businesses, including the educational sector. Our higher education digital marketing agency offers an array of services as follows:

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Website design and development

Crafting a website that is easy to use and operates well on all devices, especially mobile phones, is the first starting point in any successful digital marketing effort. Leading-edge info solutions not only develop functional websites, but their websites are packed with innovation, creativity, and your school in mind.

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Website SEO

Every institution aims to rank higher and become more visible to its target audience in search engines. Experts with years of experience in Search engine optimization will develop strategies to help you achieve your goals in and outside your local area. We take pride in helping and collaborating with institutions to grow brands through SEO.

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Content creation

Relatable, flawless content is the root of every digital marketing strategy. Whether written or video content, trust our creators to breathe life into your marketing ideas and incorporate creative solutions that will attract and inform new visitors, maintain the ones already there, and support other educational marketing services.

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Social Media Marketing

Parents, students, teachers, and everyone you need for your institution’s growth are now on their social media pages. The best way to attract more of them and grow your institution is to be equally active on social media platforms. We help all institutions make the most of social media for growth.

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Email Marketing

Ninety-six percent of all active email users check their inboxes every day. Every day is a new opportunity for your institution to brand, inform, and retain its targets. Experts at LEIS craft effective and engaging emails sent to subscribers to keep audiences connected to your services.

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Online Reputation Management

Since all your targets are online platforms, anything said about you is vital. Our team will oversee comments, review, and address all necessary queries from audiences to ensure that your institution always has a positive image on all platforms without missing the point.

SEO Services
Your Growth is our Goal

Accustomed to the ecosystem in the education industry

Knowing a field in its depths is the hiding compass of all marketing services. Being in the digital marketing industry for over a decade, digital marketing for educational institutions is not new. We are well aware of the nature of the industry, the needs, and the demand and can align our marketing services to your goals.

A complete assurance of the success of every marketing strategy.

Leading Edge Info Solutions works with a team of experienced, skilled, talented individuals who pour their hearts into every project. The success rate effort put in place is the last thing a client should worry about when partnering with a prominent digital marketing agency for the education industry.

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    The work process for Education Marketing Services



    Your institution offers different services from other institutions. The first step is to deepen your understanding of your institution’s marketing needs.


    Developing Digital solutions

    After understanding what your intuition needs, our experts will discuss and come up with the right solution for your unique institution.



    The strategies are then implemented through devotion and deduction to ensure they bear fruits.


    Report and Analysis

    Measurable metrics are then tracked and presented, and analysis is made to determine whether the set’s stasis worked or if change or improvement is needed.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is educational Marketing?

    Educational digital marketing includes all marketing done for educational institutions. It can include advertisements, email marketing, SEO, and other forms of marketing.

    Why is marketing important for educational institutions?

    Marketing for educational institutions is vital as it helps them become as well-known as other educational services and improves their ranking and visibility online.

    What is educational Content Marketing?

    It is a marketing strategy focusing on providing useful content to the audiences rather than promoting products or services.

    What is edu Marketing?

    Turning educational materials or curricula into simple terms for audiences is edu marketing or educational marketing.

    What is the role of digital marketing in higher education?

    In higher education, digital marketing helps institutions become well known and rank better for their targets in search of them.

    What is the digital Marketer agency?

    An establishment or a company that offers digital marketing services for other businesses is a digital marketer agency.

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