Instagram to Remove Fake Followers, Comments, and Likes Generated by the Third Party Applications!!

Instagram will now remove all the fake followers, comments, likes generated by the Third-Party Apps!! The latest feature of Instagram is to remove the unecessary likes and the fake followers to keep it simple and honest.
The latest news is that Instagram is taking steps to limit the inauthentic activities on its network. The company announced that it will be removing all the fake followers, likes and comments from the accounts that use third-party applications to inflate their popularity.
Instagram is going to accompolish this through the use of machine learning tools that are built to identify such accounts. Accounts are identified as having used the third party applications to generate the inauthentic activity which will receive an in-app message notifying them that the activity has been removed.

asked to change their password as well.

Accounts that choose to continue using third-party apps to bolster their perceived popularity may see their Instagram experience impacted, the company says.
Instagram did not specify what that means exactly, but my guess is the reach of those accounts will be limited.
The accounts may even be suspended, as third-party apps that generate inauthentic activity are a violation of Instagram’s community guidelines.
Purging inauthentic activity will be an ongoing effort for Instagram, so this is not just a one-and-done occurrence.
This is just one measure the company is taking to reduce inauthentic activity. Updates on additional measures will be announced in the coming weeks.

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