Online Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2021

An online business is what everyone wants in the present era. The online business is something which can provide an audience with an immersive user experience to the customers as well as the business. The EMERGING TRENDS IN DIGITAL MARKETING keep on changing in terms of functionality, web design, development and sustainability. The trends are the activity which helps everyone towards the guidance of the best possible changes and helps in discarding anything which is unsuitable.

There was rise in the conversational interfaces, Al and the creative layouts in the last year; however the present era has witnessed the rise in numerous other things. Here are some of the things which have been witnessed in the evolving business industry. Following is the list of web design and web development trends which will have a strong impact globally whether it is a simple business, website, e-commerce or a market place. So, let’s witness the transformation together!!


These are the emerging trends of the last year and they are in the spotlight in this year as well. Al is in function with the conversational interfaces and the voice assistants like the Google home and Apple siri. Technology has now incorporated these smart elements to provide the users with a seamless digital journey. Also with the rise and advancement of Al and machine learning, chatbots are getting smarter and intelligent. This technology has brought up the bot building into the play and has secured a top place in the industry to stay.

BOLD COLOR SCHEMES – The bold colors have been increasingly used all across the digital platforms. The designers can be noticed using the vibrant and the flashy colors which create striking combinations and effects. Furthermore, the designers are now trying to use the colors which interact more with the audience with the disabilities as well.

ABSTRACT CONCEPTS USING THE illustrations – Illustrations have taken a prominence in both the designing and the marketing fields. The illustrations might be main stream but they can be used as a powerful tool to give life to the abstract concepts. Furthermore, they also help in resolving any of the representational challenge that the photography might pose or create. These illustrations allow the designers to build products which are digital and cater to the diverse needs of the audience. This trend is something to definitely look out for.

ORGANIC BACKGROUNDS AND SHAPES – The initial designs were dominated by the card based UI. However, since the past year most of the applications and designs boasted of an aggressive and organic design. The present era is the age of backgrounds with amoeboid blobs of bold colors, dramatic diagonals, minimalistic shapes, straight lines and other spherical shapes.

INVENTIVE TYPOGRAPHY – Typography is a powerful tool for catching the attention of the audience. The designers are moving ahead with the upcoming top DIGITAL MEDIA TRENDS such as the neo-grotesque san serif fonts which are still in fashion and with that you can explore a huge variety of other typefaces. There can be aesthetic synchronization between the serif and sans serif fonts which provide a dynamic user experience to the customers. The current year focuses on making multiple input channels that prevail simultaneously and helps in the complete harmony with each other. Then there are forward thinking businesses that are letting go of the traditional homepages and are exploring other dynamic access points for the designing purposes. The websites are now evolving with an amalgamation of social media profiles, mobile apps, and other conversational interfaces. In this way, we can look forward to more single page websites that can offer more information seamlessly without any complex navigation.


It allows everyone to experiment and play around with their own animations. The motion UI helps in the better use of the animations in any way the customers want. There are various transitional effects to choose from like the CSS image that can hover to make your website more interactive. It enables you to tweak and transform all the elements on the website. The customers can choose from various parameters to create the animations that have been with them to behave in whatever way they want


Then there is new generation PWA’s that has taken e-commerce world by storm. The latest trend saw the inception back in the year 2015 and since then there has been no turning back ever since that time. PWA’s have a UX that is similar to the mobile applications. The interesting part is that they run on the browsers and don’t even need to be installed on the devices. Furthermore, there are some smart features which give them the benefit of higher customer engagement and better conversation rates and furthermore improve the safety and the reliability of the browser. Thus, you can say they are in trending due to their user friendly, fast and dependable approach.

BLOCKCHAINS Blockchains are the ingenious inventions of Satoshi Nakamoto. These chains allow the digital data to be shared or distributed but prohibit the same from being copied. The technology was initiated by Bit coin, but now it has led to an aid for various other applications for the e-commerce sector. These block chains keep all the transaction parties in the loop and enable the supply chain auditing, failure free decentralized storage of files, smart contracts for the clients. It also paves a path for the crowd funding activities and the peer to peer commerce.

CONCLUSION These are the few major TRENDS that are definitely going to influence the website designing and development so it’s time to act smart and see what the website wants and where your website stands. Remember that the most advanced and the recent trends are evolving over time and may be you are going to get what exactly what you want

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